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Old Mexico Manufacturing

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How to get started in a partnership with OMM for manufacturing:

Thank you for inquiring about manufacturing with our company. Before we can have a discussion with you we require the following information to be sent to [email protected] :

  • What are the product details (the basic information about the product–complexity/simplicity of it raw materials used) along with a sketch or image of the product to be manufactured.
  • What’s your target production price to have these created (not retail pricing)
  • What is your current market and revenue channels? (ie: store front, ecommerce, distribution)
  • What is your forecast for the number of pieces for the first run and for the next 12 months (per month)?
  • What is your target shipping date?
  • A basic sketch or image of the product you would like to manufacture. PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t know the answer to each of these questions then we aren’t able to respond to you.


What happens after I send this detailed email?

After we receive this initial email from you we will evaluate your proposal and will contact you if we’re able to produce your product. Please note—if you’re a start up company or have small runs, we’d love to help but due to our production schedules we aren’t able to consider these requests without a very detailed business plan.

If you’re a great fit, then we will contact you with questions and a Development cost to get started. This cost includes producing one prototype from our development team. We also include a date to start discussions to get your product in our schedule.

What types of products are you able to manufacture?

We manufacture leather bags, briefcases, sleeves, backpacks, purses, and most types of holders. We are open to hear about your products if they fit close to these categories! We don’t manufacture shoes, hats, gloves, or furniture.

What if I already have a prototype made?

If you already have a prototype made we’d love to see it! Even if a prototype is already created we still have to charge for development costs for our prototype room to create your product and to estimate production costs. We cannot use another prototype to estimate costs. We also will get started as soon as the development cost has been received.

How do I know how much a product costs to produce?

The first pricing that we send is Estimated Production Pricing –this pricing is the 1st step in determining what the initial cost will be to produce your product—a very rough estimate (not including stamp and dye cut costs). We do have sourcing vendors but are open to use sourcing contacts that you may have as well to create your product. We are open for you to provide the leather for production if it can be manufactured with our machinery.

Is there a minimum first order?

Yes there are minimums however; depending on your current market business projections we are glad to discuss the minimum first order and monthly minimum requirements. Please note both are required.

Can I use any type of leather?

We can generally use any type of leather however; our sweet spot is thicker 1.6-2.2 cm thick leather. We don’t work with bonded or faux leather at all! If you choose leather that we generally don’t work with, there will be minimums requested from a tannery that may change your first order. For example, if you want the first run to be 500 bags and the minimum from the tannery equals to 800 bags –you’ll have to change your initial plan of 500 to 800.

How long would it take to get my product produced?

We can turn your design around in 45 days into a product if the 1st prototype is approved without any changes (If changes, then another 45 days are added to the process). This initial 45 days also depends on the availability of the raw materials you choose. The entire process takes 60-90 days.