On Time/Short Lead Time


All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.” – Plato

Early is on time and on time is late. It will be ready when we say it will. Your shelves will never be bare and you’ll never pay for storage on early shipments. Stock outs kill and storing early shipments costs. Order as you need it and we’ll ship up smaller batches so you don’t have to have your money tied up with large amounts of inventory.

You definitely don’t want to pay the carrying costs on inventory that you can’t sell because of low sales. Those carrying costs may include storage for the inventory, insurance and taxes. These can eat your profits in a hurry.

Also know that when trucks leave our facility they are at the U.S. border within 12 hours and at our distribution center 8-10 hours later.
 Our proximity to the United States is one of our huge advantages over a literal overseas factory.

One benefit of working with us is our lean manufacturing is constantly improving, and working with Six Sigma concepts makes our place hum. Smaller production facilities are forced to hire extraordinary people to work within their systems. For instance, one person needs to have an amazing memory and be skilled in many aspects of the factory, in order for the machine to work. Not with us. Even extraordinary people make mistakes sometimes, if given the chance, and so we don’t let them have those chances. Our Manufacturing Requirements Program with Netsuite is one more thing that won’t allow us to fail.

Major red flag to look out for:

Lack of planning – Many shiesty manufacturers don’t plan in advance. It’s another aspect of poor management. (After all, if they were really the kind of place that allotted payrolls and kept track of funds, they wouldn’t have a pattern of hitting up businesses for extra money.)

So, here are three key things to look for, to find an honest, good manufacturer. You can only have two of the three. If someone tells you they can deliver all three–run. Because either they’re lying, or have plenty of extra capacity because all their clients have gotten frustrated and left.

Here are the three key things:

  1. Very low price (if it isn’t a good deal for both sides, then it isn’t a good deal at all)
  2. High Quality
  3. On-Time Delivery

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin