• "Quality is everyone's responsibility." - W. Edwards Deming

  • "By the work one knows the workmen" - Jean De La Fontaine

  • "The thought of making work that's easily consumed and quickly forgotten - what's the point? I want my work to be cohesive, to age and improve like old leather." -- Tift Merritt

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Consistent Quality, Short Lead Times, On Time Delivery and Consistent Pricing.

American Manufacturing in Mexico


On Time/Short Lead Time

All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.


Consistent Quality

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin


Our Company Culture

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington